From Toulouse - Oc'tobus - Excursion by bus to Carcassonne (trip, guided tour, urban game)

Category: Evénements

Excursion by bus from Toulouse with commented transport and explorering map with 3 formulas for more choice:
- Explorers
- Observers
- Adventurers

Explorers are those who like to explore on their own, go at their own pace without time constraints, after all it is also the holidays. With your exploring map provided by the guide Oc'tobus you discover according to your desires while still benefiting from practical and cultural advice.
Even if you are in autonomy, the coach trips are commented to prepare you well for the destination and give you some historical elements.

The Observers are those who like to combine guided tours and free time, eager for discoveries, but wish to have a free afternoon to stroll through the pretty streets of each destination. Thus the day will be cut in two with a visit in the morning and free time in the afternoon. At the end of the morning visit, the guide Oc'tobus also gives you a map that can be very useful during your free time and discovery in autonomy of the city.

Adventurers are the ones who want to spend a dynamic day. Like to learn while having fun, love to cultivate but in a fun way so if you propose a game, they will do everything to win. With this formula enjoy the morning of a guided tour that gives you the keys to understand the destination with your passionate and exciting guide. In the afternoon your guide Oc'tobus becomes a master of the game to get you into a puzzle game that will test your sense of observation and listening. Any information given by the guide during the day can serve you. This formula includes free time during the lunch break.

Program :
08:30 am : meeting in front of the coach
08:45 am : departure for Carcassonne. Commented transport.
10:15 am : arrival in Carcassonne.
10.30 am : Guided City Tour with entrance to the Château Comtal (for observers and adventurers)
12:15 pm : meal and free time
02:00 pm : Start of the enigma game "La sendrine" duration 2h (for adventurers)
04.30 pm : Meeting at the Narbonne gate for the return
04:45 pm : Departure for Toulouse with an animated return trip
06.30 pm : Arrival in Toulouse


Date Time Arena/Place
23 Aug
Friday 23 aug 2019 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM  
25 Aug
Sunday 25 aug 2019 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM  
30 Aug
Friday 30 aug 2019 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM  
1 Sep
Sunday 1 sep 2019 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM  


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